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London based Locard Investigations Ltd provides a wide range of investigative services for individuals and business alike.

Hire a professional Private Detective and get assurance in infidelity cases, litigation, insurance fraud, background checks, missing person or criminal cases.

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Locard Investigations is based in London with a national network of investigative support.  Backed by both military and police experience, Locard Investigators also hold professional awards in Private Investigation, based upon the Security Industry Authority specification. 

Locard Investigations is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and with the Association of British Investigators, adhering to their code of conduct and standards. Locard Investigations offers peace of mind through our professional service because we are;

  • Qualified and experienced

  • Fully insured

  • Connected

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Industry Standards

The principal investigator is a member of the Association of British Investigators, which is working with the Law Society of England & Wales and included in the Law Society of Scotland Approved Supplier Scheme. As a full member of the Association of British Investigators, Locard Investigations is bound by the Association's code of conduct and processes.  This ensures that Locard Investigations operates in a legal, fair and regulated way. 

We keep abreast of the latest legislation and working practices to deliver you the best investigative product.


Discretion is Our Priority

When you hire us, you may be sharing highly personal details.  Your data is safe with us under the Data Protection Act and GDPR regulations.  We don't retain personal data for any longer than absolutely necessary (unless you ask us to) and ensure that destruction is complete.  We won't share your data without your explicit permission and assure your anonymity throughout and after an investigation.


We're Ready to Listen

There are many reasons why you might need the services of an investigator. We are on hand to receive your call, analyse your situation and give you advice.  There's no hard-sell and no-cost for an initial telephone call. 

Contact us for a sensitive and confidential discussion.



Private Investigators work for private clients, lawyers and businesses to support their clients’ information needs.  This could be in an infidelity case, a disputed traffic accident, missing person or insurance fraud. A private investigator will use a combination of evidence gathering techniques, analysis and reporting to provide information to clients that may help them understand their situation or to support some sort of legal action. 
The private investigator will perform undercover enquiries, engage in surveillance, conduct interviews and carry out research following the evidence wherever the case may take them.
Typically, a private investigator should be observant, analytical and patient, combining ‘street-smarts’ with an enquiring approach.  The investigative mindset should guide them to leave no stone unturned in the search for the truth for their clients.
Whilst no formal qualifications are currently required to be a Private Investigator, often a background in policing, the military or security and intelligence services is good grounding to be able to deliver investigations in the commercial environment.
Locard Investigations prides itself holding a nationally recognised award in professional investigations and is backed by both military and policing experience making Locard the right choice to support your investigation.


Whether you require investigations, a process server or advice, at Locard Investigations, our clients are a priority. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you on your next investigation.


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