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Is My Partner Cheating on Me?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

However your suspicions are raised, it is incredibly upsetting to suspect that your partner is seeing someone else behind your back. Apart from expert cheaters, the majority of people who are engaged in secondary relationships will unwittingly give themselves away. They might work really hard to cover their tracks online or financially however few will be able to mask these key giveaways.

1. Mobile Phone being turned off or 'out of service'. Generally, the cheater will claim that this is due to work reasons e.g. 'I was in a meeting', 'I was in the gym' etc. The question for you will be is that 'Is this in line with their normal pattern of life or is this something that's happening more and more frequently?' People become lazy and complacent the more they engage in an activity without getting caught and will rely on the same excuses. If your partner becomes unreachable more and more often without reasonable excuse, you might start to think about the possibility that they're playing away.

2. Increase in working late or business trip frequency. Work commitments can provide the perfect opportunity for the cheating partner to engage in extra-relationship activities. If you've noticed that your partner is frequently working late where they never used to, this might sound alarm bells. The private investigator can put surveillance on the workplace and confirm their presence or follow them if leaving early.

3. A significant change in appearance or activity. Long term partnerships and marriage get comfortable - however, a cheating partner is experiencing the same excitement that you had at the beginning of your relationship with them. This can manifest itself in 'preening' to their new partner - a change in wardrobe or a new interest in working out. Whilst this alone may not be a sign on its own - it is a typical sub-conscious change that the cheater makes to themselves.

4. Secret phone calls/computer use. Are their e-communication methods locked out with passwords that you don't know? The cheater will guard their online activity carefully and restrict your access to their device or phone. Do they leave the room when they take a phone call or claim that it was another 'wrong number'? This might be a sign that there's someone else.

5. Increase in hostility OR increase in attention. If the cheating partner is getting their emotional and ego-boost elsewhere, you may feel marginalised by their mood or disinterest - you have simply become a block to them pursuing their new relationship. This can result in hostility towards you especially if you voice your suspicions. Conversely - are you being showered with gifts unusually? This can be the cheater's way of assuaging their own guilt and trying to put you off the scent.

The important thing to understand here is that one of these signs alone may not mean that there's someone else. However, a combination of these factors might point to the fact that there's something going on outside of your relationship. If this is the case, you can engage a Private Investigator who can find out the truth - allay your fears or catch them out. Contact Locard Investigations for a confidential call to see if we can help

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