Is Your Significant Other Being Truthful?

You may been suspicious for some time - the signs are there, secret phone calls, long absences, working late and being evasive. There's little more upsetting than suspecting your partner of having an affair.

Locard understand how difficult these situations can be and aim to support you in finding out what they're up to.

We can employ a variety of methods from online research, vehicle tracking (in accordance with ABI Policy) and surveillance to gather evidence to determine your partner's intentions, whereabouts and activities.  Our findings will be presented in an evidential format to support any subsequent proceedings that may follow.

If you suspect something is wrong, call us today for advice. Our private investigators are ready to listen to you.



Do You Need To Know What's Going On?

Locard Investigations will examine your problem with you and advise you the most appropriate way to to proceed.

We understand the sensitive nature of your private information and guarantee your privacy.  Your case manager will provide you regular updates throughout the investigation to keep you abreast of developments and ensure that your needs are met whilst keeping your anonymity protected.

Investigators will use a combination of methods including state of the art recording equipment, physical surveillance and open-source information research, all underpinned by proven investigative experience.

From matrimonial disputes, custody battles, property recovery, insurance and commercial fraud, Locard Investigators can help you find the truth.

If you think something is wrong, it probably is. Call us today for advice.



Watching, Recording, Logging

Locard Investigations private investigators boast experience in both urban and rural surveillance operations. 

Equipped with covert and discreet cameras, our team can provide high quality imagery, video capture or audio recordings to support your information requirements.  Locard may also use vehicle tracking devices to support surveillance operations. Often from a military or police background, Locard Investigations Surveillance personnel aim to provide you with surveillance evidence that will stand up to scrutiny should you take it to court.

If you need an extra set of eyes, call us today for assistance.



Who Are They Really?

Locard Private Investigators can assist you with background checks for:

  • Employees

  • Tenants

  • Credit applicants

  • Online Dating/Catfishing

We can support you or your business by reducing your risk exposure by examining  a person's identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information.

if you need to know about someone, call us today for help. 



Let Us Do Your Legwork

We can support you and your legal team in gathering evidence in a variety of civil and criminal matters.

  • Witness identification

  • Statement taking

  • Locus reports

  • Enquiries

  • Process servers

Don't let the evidence trail go cold, call our private investigators today for help.



Right Person. Right Time. Guaranteed.

Do you need the assurance that your critical legal paperwork has been received?  Let Locard Process Servers ensure delivery and provide relevant evidence of papers served.  We follow the Association of British Investigators guidelines meaning that we serve the right documents to the right recipient at the right time. Guaranteed.

We can operate at short notice and are on-hand to take your call.



Are You Being Followed?

Do you feel as if your movements are being monitored? Perhaps you suspect that your office or home could be being bugged or filmed? Locard Investigations can work with you to identify hostile surveillance by watching the watchers or detecting planted devices.

This is a specialised service available to private individuals, executives and protection teams. Get in touch with our private investigators today.



Where Are They Now?

It is very difficult to disappear without leaving a trace, however knowing where to look can be a challenge. Locard will bring specialist investigative skills to your search to locate, trace and identify those whose whereabouts are no longer known. This might include absconding debtors, missing loved ones or long-lost relatives and friends no longer in touch.  Let Locard identify and locate them for you.



Learn How To Protect Yourself

Locard Investigations will provide bespoke training to you or your organisation about how to frustrate surveillance teams and make it impossible for them to follow you.  Our training package includes:

  • Understanding the principles of surveillance

  • Understand how private investigators operate

  • Disrupting followers on foot

  • Detecting/avoiding mobile surveillance

  • Protecting yourself online